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Beauty Tips and Secrets from Real Models

Beauty tips from real models

Appearance is becoming more and more important these days, whether we like it or not. Beautiful celebrities and superslim models are everywhere we look, on billboards, TV shows and catwalks, promoting the idea that beautiful is best.

Use the beauty tips on this site to improve your hair, complexion, nails and more. Then find out how models make the most of what they have by improving their posture and dressing to suit their body shape - both important tips but often overlooked!

As an experienced model, I set up this site to share some of the secrets and tips I picked up during my career. Models and celebrities struggle just as much as anyone with their weight and skin, but their jobs require them to become very skilled at things like make-up and hair.

Model Beauty Tips

So how do these models and celebrities always look so good? There are many simple beauty tips and tricks that you can use to get some of that star power for yourself! Our home remedies page is full of useful do-it-yourself beauty tips.

For big photoshoots or public appearances, celebrities will invariably have a full complement of make-up artists and hair stylists in attendance. However, for unplanned moments, quick touch-ups during a show, or last-minute adjustments, they often need to do it themselves.


"Hey! I have just finished reading through your site which as a young women I must admit was a sheer delight! Your site is bright and girly and the perfect pampering tool for us ladies to learn how to look our best! "
- Lucy (United States)

"Love the celebrity section, its good to know that celebrities have exactly the same problems that we do!"
- Leslie (Canada)

"I used some of your beauty tips and they actually work. Its nice to find out what actual models do, at least we know that it works for someone!"
- Meredith (United States)

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Real model beauty tips

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Let's Model is written by Renee Lauren, a 15 year veteran of the modeling industry who currently works as an agent for a top New York model agency.

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